Hey there! Erin here—I just want to let everyone know, the Geekly Chic team has decided to move on. We will still be blogging, but we’ve moved onto a new horizon. We started GC with certain intentions and somehow they were lost. We want the blog to be about more than beauty & fashion, don’t get me wrong, we’ll still be blogging about beauty & fashion, but also so much more. Our new blog is The Neon Loft. The Neon Loft will be about beauty, fashion, sports, movies, music, books, pets, family, and everything you can imagine!! We are so excited about this adventure—we hope you all will join us! Another reason we decided to get away from Geekly Chic is, as many of you all know, there was a Disney movie last year that came out (after we started our page) that contained a blog called Geekly Chic. We feel as though, some of our followers (not ALL) found our page because of that movie, which is fine. However, I have tried to stress so many times that we are not associated with that movie at all, and I feel that it’s best for us to just cut ties with the name all together. The Neon Loft is what we came up with, we all loved it, and now it shall be! Along with the new facebook, we also have a new tumblr account. After everything is transferred, I will be deleting this page, so follow the new one! Hope to see you guys at The Neon Loft!!!


Hey geeks! You should really check out this video. This girl is awesome!



Look at what GLEE has done to us. :(
There is no way that guy went back to Domino’s and could explain what happened to him, and there’s no way he has the internet.

The guy on the bike at the end.

Beauty: Make-Up On A Budget

Here is a vlog I just made about makeup on a budget. Sorry it’s been a while since my last update. Hope you like!


My Favorite Things….Right Now

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. A lot has been going on and I’ve decided that I would do my top five favorite things..of the moment. I’m fickle like that. :)

1.  Warrior

Besides the obvious Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton being beautiful with their shirts off this movie was really really good. I’m not one for fighting type movies and to be honest I was seeing this solely for Tom. However, by the end of it I was wiping away several tears. This movie is beyond amazing and does not get the credit that it deserves. It even made my dad a sobbing mess, which doesn’t happen ever!

2. Drive

Another movie. Again, went in seeing this solely for my husband Ryan and ended up being blown away. It is amazing, yeah it has a lot of violence, and I mean a lot of violence, but it is amazing. The soundtrack alone is worth seeing this movie. It reminded me of True Romance with the violence/love story intertwined. Everyone should see this movie end of story.


Crazy Ladies is a wonderful book. I started reading it and finished it all in one day. The characters pull you in and make you feel like a part of their family. This isn’t a perfect family either, they’ve got a dark side (crazy ladies being the main clue there) and are a dysfunctional as the rest of our families are. You’ll go through hating and loving each character as you read the book and by the end you’ll be craving more of their ridiculous stories. Michael Lee West is a wonderful writer and I cannot wait to read more of her books.


My Steve Madden Craizie booties. Now I went in to Dillard’s with the intention of regrettably dropping $160 on these in black. However, they only had the camel color and they actually rang up $35, score!!! I love these things, they are so comfortable. I cannot wait to find them in black.


My new denim jacket from Forever 21. This thing is awesome. It has easily become one of my favorite jackets. Now if Forever 21 would stop carrying all these cute clothes I could stop spending money!


Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Laundromat (by hellogiggles)

We all should do this!

Check out this Geekly Chic recommended band — Longway. This video was shot by Erin at Punk Rock BBQ in Denver Sept 2011